The Italian Clothes and Shoes

Before talking about the Italian clothes, let us see some names: Versace, Ferre, Valentino, Mandelli, Armani and Biagiotti. I think you have already known what I am trying to say, they are top designers of Italy who gain world-wide fame. The brands which they started have come into people’s life all over the world. The creative style of Versace, and the classic Ferre, the holy Valentino are becoming the favorite of people coming from all countries.

In the 1980s, the output of Italian clothes has ranked first in the world. At that time, the export had amounted to 2 billion dollars. The Italian clothes have unique design, elegant style. The textile is also carefully chosen. Due to these factors, it takes a lead in this industry among all the countries. Italy has become a strong competitor against the French clothes.

You must see Milan as the city of fashion which is also one of the seven fashion centers. The development of clothes industry in Milan enhances the status of Italy in fashion. It opens a big fashion exhibition every year. It is due to the unique economic and cultural background. There are also a lot of trendsetters working hard in the process.

They release new clothes in September, and these clothes will be put into market in May next year. All the boutiques, exhibitions, trade fairs, and free markets are the windows of the unique Italian clothes. We believe this city will be better.

Just like the Italian clothes, the shoe-making industry is also very famous. Blogona in March and Milan in September are the paradise of shoes. People can find out the exquisitely made shoes. The visitors may even choose to travel here in order to attend the gala of shoes. The Italian leather shoes gives customers from all over the world a very good impression. The high quality and good shape make themselves the best of the best.

Except the famous clothes and the fine-quality shoes, the gold accessories here enjoy high reputation. It is called the kingdom of gold accessories. Vicenza is called the city of gold for its production of gold. If you have time, you can go there and pick up one in memory of the special trip.

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